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Water-injected Compressor is an air compressor that uses water to lubricate and cool the compression process.This type of compressor is commonly used in applications that require oil-free air,such as the food and beverage industry,the pharmaceutical industry,and the electronics industry.

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How Dose A Water-Injected Compressor Work?

The water-injected compressor works by using two meshing spiral rotors to compress air.The rotors are driven by motors,and as they rotate,they draw air into the compressor and compress it.The compressed air is then vented into a water-cooled heat exchanger,where it is cooled and dehumidified.The cooled air is discharged from the compressor.




Advantages Of  Water-Injected Compressor

Oil-free Air

Water-injected compressors produce oil-free air,which is ideal for use in applications where oil contamination is not acceptable.This includes the food and beverage industry,the pharmaceutical industry,and the electronics industry. Learn More

High Efficiency

Water-injected compressors are very efficient,and they can produce high-quality compressed air. Learn More

Easy To Maintain

Water-injected compressors are relatively easy to maintain.The water system requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is clean and free of contaminants.However,the compressor itself does not requires as much maintenance as other types of air compressors Learn More

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Water-injected compressors are a next generation product that combines th advantages of a two satge oil-free screw and the benefits of an odinary water-cooled air-cooled screw.The compressors use water to lubricate the compression element as well as for sealing and coolling purposes.

Water-injected Compressor

Water-injected compressors are a good choice for application where oil-free air is required.They are efficient,reliable,and easy to maintain.However,they can be more expensive than other types of air compressors,and they require regular maintenance.

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If you want to buy a water-injected compressor, we are your best choice; We also provide other types of water-injected compressors. If you need them, please get in touch with us.

Water-injected Compressor Application

Compressed air comes in contact with nearly everything,including finished product.Avoiding the risk of oil contaminating the air supply is especially important to the following industrieds:

In medical and pharmaceutical applications,cleanliness is a key factor in product quality and performance.The product or manufacturing process will usually specify the risk tolerance for any trace contaminant,such as oil or water.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

For applications including PC board cleaning,providing clean,dry compressed air is essential to minimize trace contaminants in the final product.


A quality flow of compressed air for spinners and air-jet looms is essential to prevent fabric dyeing and production lossed.Requiring the highest levels of air purity is critical to providing high-quality,oil-free manufactured products.


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